The Best Brokers to Invest in 2022

Updated the : 24 May 2024

How are brokers rated?

Brokers are rated by a team of experts based on common elements such as asset numbers, fees, regulations and technical characteristics

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Frequently Asked Questions

Brokers are needed because stock exchanges will only accept orders from stock exchange members - brokers arrange transactions between a buyer and a seller. They receive a commission after the deal is executed (although, at times, they choose to reduce or even eliminate the fees for certain trading products).

When looking for a broker, you need to make sure you take into consideration:

Customer service
Variety of products

They are not the only things to take into consideration, but certainly the elements to start from in your search.

Surely the best way to search for a broker is to start from an accurate research. Look for the best reviews, see if there are any customer complaints and details of each broker. Don't be afraid to try brokers' demos, most of them are free, so you don't have to commit to just one platform right away.

But surely the things you need to pay more attention to are:

A broker must simply and clearly communicate commissions and anything else they may charge you. A broker who tries to hide this information is to be avoided.

There are several major regulatory bodies in charge of supervising brokers, such as CySEC and FCA among the best known. At the bottom of each broker's page you should find the regulation numbers.

Transparency and regulatory oversight are just two of the many factors to consider when selecting a broker.